Outta Here Waste Valet is a 5 night a week dorm-step recycling and trash removal service. Our goal is to put reycling and trash removal at the fingertips of every university resident with our exclusive program using a 2-1 recycling waste container.



Sit back, relax, and recycle. 


Customer Feedback

"I had been living at my apartment complex for several months before we were provided with the Outtahere service and I have loved it greatly ever since we received the service.  The months before using Outtahere I had always felt guilty of throwing everything away and didn't have the time to take anything to the recycling facility.  Now I just have to place my container outside my front door and my trash and recycling gets picked up and taking to its right place.  Thumbs up company in my opinion!!"  



Customer Feedback

"Having Outta Here Waste Valet as an amenity where I live is the best!  I never have to worry about the trash being forgotten anymore; they are always on time and always reliable. Even better than the trash removal is the recycling service.  I used to let recycling build up and then fill my car to go drop it off.  That's never a problem anymore and it's so convenient!  Now that I've enjoyed this service, I really want to have it at the next place I live, or else I'll have to stay here - it's just that great."

- Rebecca